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Experience the Univera Difference
Experience the Univera Difference
For more than four decades, we’ve cared about connecting Western New Yorkers with quality, affordable health insurance. Accepted by 100% of hospitals and 98% of doctors in your area.
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$0 Essential Plan
With premiums as low as $0/month or $20/month for eligible individuals and a large provider network, the Essential Plan connects you with the care you need. See if you qualify →
  • Free preventive care including routine doctor exams, screenings, well-child visits and more.
  • No deductible, so the plan starts paying for your health care right away.
  • Low cost generic drugs, including contraceptives.
  • Dental and vision coverage options.
  • Enroll anytime in the Essential Plan.
  • 24/7 Telemedicine appointments by videoconference or phone
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In less than a minute see if qualify for the Essential Plan or other no or low cost plans. We’ll also email you a free guide to help you shop for health insurance.
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Our Benefits
All Univera Healthcare members receive these health care member benefits:
Choose Your Doctor
Access to a network of provider partnerships in 39 counties with thousands of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.
Free Preventive
Free preventive care, including checkups, flu shots, vaccines, screenings, and more.
Gym and Fitness Class Benefits
Receive up to $400 or $600 towards a gym membership or fitness classes.
24/7 Telemedicine
Access to telemedicine 24/7 from any location, even your home.
Member Discounts
Exclusive member discounts with Perks 4 U, like massage therapy, acupuncture and fitness facilities.
Pharmacy Home
Save time by using pharmacy home delivery and get back to more important things.
Large Provider Network
  • More than 98% of all providers participate with us
  • PPO network covers 39 Upstate New York counties
  • Includes all major hospitals and strategic physician groups
Large Provider Network
  • More than 98% of all providers participate with us
  • Univera PPO network covers 39 Upstate New York counties
  • MultiPlan® provides access to more than 5,000 hospitals and nearly 700,000 providers across the country
  • Includes all major hospitals and strategic physician groups
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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Health Plan

Will the plan cover my prescriptions?

Make sure your medications, including maintenance drugs and contraceptives, are covered by the insurer. Univera Healthcare, for example, covers more than 50 prescription contraceptives. ​

Does my doctor accept the plan?

Ask your doctors if they accept the insurance you are considering.

What if I can't see my doctor?

Ask if the plan has a telemedicine program that provides 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video chat when you have a minor health issue and can't see your physician.

Can I get financial assistance?

You may be eligible for financial help based on your household income and size. Or, you could qualify for the Essential Plan, for $0 or $20 a month. Use our calculator to see if you qualify.

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