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It's More Than Medicare to Us.
It's the Attention-You-Deserve-Care.
It's More Than Medicare to Us.
It's the Attention-You-Deserve-Care.
Annual Election Period for 2019 Coverage: October 15 to December 7
  • Affordable plans including $0 premium plans and NEW $29/month plans with eyewear and dental coverage
  • $0 Tier 1 prescription drugs2 on most plans including 50+ frequently prescribed medications
  • Extras like hearing aids, gym memberships, and no-cost preventive screenings
  • Doctors and hospitals from Jamestown to Rochester and every Buffalo neighborhood in between
  • All area labs in network – just choose the one closest to you
  • Worldwide access to urgent care, emergency care, and telemedicine visits by video conference or phone
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Choose Your Univera Healthcare Medicare Plan
Whether your looking for a plan on your own or would like help from an expert, we've got you covered. Find a Univera Healthcare Medicare plan that fits your needs and budget.
All Medicare Plans Include:
  • $0 copay for Tier 1 drugs (Tier 1 now includes select vaccines like the shingles vaccine Shingrix®)
  • Save time and money for a 90 day supply at most retail pharmacies or through mail order
  • Access to 100% of hospitals, 98% of physicians in a network that extends to the Rochester area and border counties in Pennsylvania
  • Telemedicine services
  • Hearing aid benefit, gym membership, and $0 copay for routine eye exams
SeniorChoice Basic
  • $0 premium plan to stay within your budget
  • Low primary care and specialist co-pays
  • $0 copay for routine eye exams
New Plan Available
NEW! SeniorChoice Advanced
  • Vision and Dental Included
  • Eyewear allowance, along with $0 eye exam co-pay
  • Preventive dental coverage, including cleanings and x-rays
  • Low drug deductibles
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Turning 65 or New to Medicare?
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Not qualified to enroll for Medicare yet, but want to learn what Medicare is all about? Answer a few questions and we will build a personalized timeline that shows where to get started.
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General Medicare Timeline
Let's get started! Take these important steps to learn about Medicare and see what you have to do now to prepare for enrollment.
7-9 Months to turning 65:
• Watch our Medicare Minute Video series and get answers to the most common questions we hear about Medicare.
• Review your current health care coverage to see what options you have after you turn 65. Also, consider your travel habits, prescription drug needs, and calculate your annual health care budget.
5-6 Months to turning 65:
• Compare Medicare Advantage plans and check to see if your prescriptions are covered.
3 Months to turning 65:
• Complete your enrollment during your Initial Enrollment Period. You have from 3 months before you turn 65 to 3 months after your birthday month to enroll.
More about Initial Enrollment Period >
Your Initial Enrollment Period starts 3 months prior to your 65th birthday, through 3 months after your birthday month concludes.
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