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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We live and work in the communities we serve. We care about our employees and our communities and when they hurt, we hurt.

As a company, we condemn hatred, discrimination, violence and injustice. We believe we all have a role to play in dismantling systemic racism. Inclusion, diversity, equity and access are fundamental to our organizational culture.

We acknowledge we all have a lot of work to do. We are not suggesting we have all the answers, but we have and will continue to commit ourselves to the equitable treatment of all people and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms.

Together, we can embrace and drive positive change. We pledge to stand with our communities and do our part by using our privilege and our resources to effect change.

Our Promise and Responsibility
  • We will work together as a community to support and improve our community’s physical health, mental health and social and economic equity and security.
  • We will work to reduce social disparities in health care.
  • We will listen and act so that everyone feels like they belong, ensuring all our communities have access to the healthcare they deserve.
  • We will be intentional about addressing and mitigating the impact of biases in all that we do.
  • We will strive to create an environment of equity and access where everyone can reach their full potential.
  • We will never think that our work is done and will always strive to do better.
  • We will never waver from our commitment to bring about needed change.
From Our Leaders
Chris Booth
Art Wingerter
Chris Gorecki
Jim Reed
Cindy Langston
Melissa Gardner
Bruce Jones
Barry Thornton
Dr. Stephen Cohen
Christine Bergeman
Paul Eisenstat
Rick Nangreave
Keri Mantegna
Timothy Quinlivan
Lisa White
Eve Van de Wal

"When I think of racism, I think of how racial inequities are rooted in almost every aspect of society. I think of social disparities in health care where minority communities experience a higher prevalence of chronic diseases, disability and more.

I also think about seemingly simple actions that can make a big difference. When our employees knock on the doors of our most disenfranchised members to see if they need help, that’s a simple but powerful move that can help turn the tide against health inequities.

To do our part, I pledge to work with our communities toward a world in which fairness – fairness in opportunities and fairness in outcomes – is rooted in everything we do."

- Chris Booth, President & CEO

"To me, it is important to stand against racism because everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their goals in life, and feel fully loved and supported by those around them in doing so. Especially at a time like this when a virus that does not know skin color, race or ethnicity tears through our community, we are humbly reminded that we are all human, period. I am so proud to work for an organization that makes standing up against racism not just a priority, but something that is core to our mission and manifested through our Lifetime Way culture and values."

- Cindy Langston, SVP of Analytics & Data

"Standing against racism is required because silence in my opinion is complicity. I want my kids to not only be against bias and for equity but I want them to be aware of the privilege they have and the systems around us that impact the potential of people who do not look like them. I want them to constantly look for evidence of obvious and less obvious bias and find ways to use their resources and perspective to be a positive influence. I want to be a role model and so I stand against racism and commit to be a constant learner to improve my ability to act as well."

- Melissa Gardner, SVP of Strategic Business Programs

"We are successful as a team, organization and society when we communicate and collaborate effectively, listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas and are willing to keep an open mind. We need to accept that being open to others' thoughts, opinions, background, race, religion, etc., will help us overcome many problems and challenges, especially during a time of crisis. Racism closes your mind on certain people, thoughts and experiences. In my opinion, a closed mind is harmful to a team, organization and society."

- Barry Thornton, EVP of Operational Effectiveness

"We live in a multiracial world and our employees and constituents come from all ethnicities. It is extremely important for our society, our future and our company that we do not allow racism into our lives. We all need to recognize each person for their contributions regardless of their race, religion, political views, sexual orientation, etc."

- Bruce Jones, SVP of Chief Information Officer

"At a very young age, it was instilled in me the value and the importance of surrounding oneself with a diverse group of people. Even today, my “circle” (family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues) is a cross representation of people, which knows no boundaries. Why is Stand Against Racism Important to me? Simply put… it’s within my DNA belief and value genetic makeup. As a society, we must strive for equality, access, and inclusion for all."

- Rick Nangreave, SVP of Human Capital Management

“I never understood what it meant to have privilege until I found myself in a room where I was the “only.” The only white person, the only person who didn’t know what was being said. After experiencing that vulnerability, I began to recognize the immense courage it takes every day to be the “only.” I believe that it’s my responsibility to use my privilege to intentionally find ways to provide others with the same privilege: providing a seat at the table; asking questions that may make me uncomfortable and expose my vulnerability; and creating a space for a voice to be heard, that may not have otherwise spoken.”

- Keri Mantegna, VP of Organizational Effectiveness

“Too often we are deeply divided as a people. We are surrounded by daily reminders of injustice and its potential for devastating impact. I’m proud to be part of a company that values and celebrates all aspects of diversity in our workforce. Taking a strong stand against racism is a statement of who we are and who we aspire to be. It helps us better understand each other and serve our communities.”

- Paul Eisenstat, SVP of Health Care Network Management

“Now, more than ever, we need to listen, learn and help drive positive change. Racism creates a divide that is hurtful, harmful and unenlightened. Once we begin to EMBRACE the people around us, we can accept all humans, and celebrate their multiple cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and the totality of all that makes us magnificent! ”

- Christine Bergeman, SVP of Operational Excellence

“Doing what is right means different things to each of us. From a young age, my Jewish ancestry and culture taught me to accept others without prejudice or bias, pursue social justice and work towards a better world. For millennia my ancestors were victims of silent onlookers. I cannot be a silent onlooker of racism in America. It is essential that all of us accept others without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or disability.”

- Dr. Stephen Cohen, SVP & Corporate Medical Director

“Standing against racism is important to me because I believe that all people are created equal and that for our communities to truly thrive, we need to embrace the differences amongst us. Having spent some time listening to the experiences and perspectives of others, it is clear to me that as a leader, I need to stand with all people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, and skin color.”

- Jim Reed, EVP of Marketing and Sales

“I believe in standing for each other, despite our differences. Having played team sports for a number of years, I have learned that there are essentially two strategies for success as a team- vilifying the opponent, or coming together as a team where everybody supports each other, without worrying about sides. So, in these times of animosity and adversity, I choose the latter. And I believe that when our communities adopt this mindset, we will be able to focus our energies on our similarities and advancing our common goals, while accepting our differences. ”

- Timothy Quinlivan, VP, General Counsel

“Everyone regardless of race, religion or the color of their skin deserves to be treated equally, fairly and with respect. I am white, so I’m aware of - but also continuing to learn more about – the advantages the color of my skin has afforded me. Everyone should have the same opportunities and not be discriminated against when seeking their goals, dreams and happiness. Systemic racism is real and wrong and needs to be defeated. What happened to George Floyd put a spotlight on how deep racial inequities have permeated in our society. We need to be the catalyst that prompts change in our communities. ”

- Chris Gorecki, EVP Chief Financial Officer

“My dream is a world where everyone is accepted and respected. In my home, we value diversity and inclusion of people and ideas. Without diversity, we cannot evolve, grow or prosper. I pledge to continue to stand against discrimination, promote diversity, and support the fight for basic human rights.”

- Lisa White, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer

"I’ve always been a fan of the musicians of the 1960s. The songs were so meaningful and addressed so many social issues of the day. Sam Cooke was a singer, song writer, and civil rights activist back in the early sixties. You might already be familiar with his music, but if not, you should look him up… especially his timeless civil rights anthem A Change Is Gonna Come. It is as relevant today as it was back in 1964. And here is something else to look up.... something recently posted to YouTube… A Song For Sam Cooke by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Dion. I promise you, it will move you. Change is never easy; it will take the efforts of us all to bring it about, but it will come. "

- Art Wingerter, President of Univera Healthcare

"I believe Racism has no place in society. Together, as a community and as a nation we need to be mindful and aware of the constant racial inequalities. We have to continue to have uncomfortable conversations; and be willing to look within and examine how our own language or actions might be unconsciously contributing to racism. Until we hold ourselves personally accountable, nothing will change; and to me that is not only sad, but unacceptable."

- Eve Van de Wal, Regional President

For more information on Univera Healthcare's diversity efforts, contact
Sady Fischer (she/her), Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at 585.453.6253 or Sady.Fischer@univerahealthcare.com

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