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Applying an I.D.E.A. Mindset

In 2019, we rolled out what we are calling an I.D.E.A. Mindset to all employees.

Applying an I.D.E.A. Mindset means we take a moment to pause and be intentional about asking important questions that relate back to how we embed inclusion, diversity, equity, and access into meeting our corporate mission. In order to make people in our communities healthier, we need to first understand who they are. To secure lives through access to high-quality, affordable health care, we need to address the social determinants of health, be champions of health equity and understand how our members access our services.

By being intentional in our approach, we become a more socially conscious organization with a focus on our impact rather than our intent. Remember, the best intentions may not always have the desired impact. I.D.E.A. means digging deeper, asking the tough questions and taking action to make everyone feel like they belong, ensuring all of our communities have access to the healthcare they deserve!


We want all customers to feel included and have a sense of belonging at every touch point.

  • How do we make others feel welcome and included?

Representation matters! We want our customers to see themselves reflected in all areas of our organization.

  • Who do we have around the table? Who is missing?

We want to level the playing field and provide all customers with what they need to reach their full potential.

  • Is the process equitable? Why or why not?

Acknowledgement of our customers unique needs and filling those needs through intentional action.

  • Who has (or lacks) access? How do we improve access?

For more information on Univera Healthcare's diversity efforts, contact
Sady Fischer (she/her), Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at 585.453.6253 or Sady.Fischer@univerahealthcare.com

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